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PTI ends sit-in protests after long hours of roadblocks


Pakistani workers from Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) continued protest demonstrations on Saturday

in the major cities of

country at the call of

their leader Imran Khan

who was shot in the leg

by a gunman during the long march to Wazirabad in Punjab. The demonstrations in Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore and

Rawalpindi ended after the

the workers staged sit-ins for several hours. Protests and roadblocks sparked the worst traffic

disorder in many cities.

PTI supporters clashed

with law enforcement in Faizabad

Exchange on Saturday, which

performed their security

homework there. The protesters started

flock to the Faizabad interchange and throw stones at the law

the implementing bodies that

incited them to fire tear gas

shells in response.

Protesters also burned tires at

Rawat in Islamabad and blocked

the GT road that affected the

traffic flow to Islamabad. Due to the protest, Islamabad Police have set up diversions

for traffic from Murree

Islamabad to Rawalpindi to Faizabad road. The police remained present to guide the citizens

and steps provided for the comfort of road users. Local

the administration called in riot units to control protesters in

the federal capital. The police too

fired tear gas at protesters after PTI workers staged a protest

in Faizabad, blocking roads and

causing problems for commuters. The protesters included

women and children who were

chanting anti-government slogans. After the police fired tear gas,

the demonstrators dispersed. Separately, they also blocked

Islamabad highway.

In Karachi, hundreds of PTI

partisans reached Numaish

Chowrangi organizes a demonstration

at the call of senior party leaders. The provincial administration has deployed a large contingent of police

force near Numaish Chowrangi and MA Jinnah Road to control protesters. In Lahore,

PTI workers continued to protest

demonstration on Saturday. PTI

supporters from all over the city

demonstrated against the attack of their leader Imran Khan

in the middle of the Azadi March. The blocked

roads by organizing sit-ins in various areas of the city, including

Thokar Niaz Baig, Babusabu Interchange, Bund Road, Shahdara

Chowk, Harbanspura, ring road,

Governor’s House, Mall Road, Bhatha Chowk, Shanghai Chowk,

Ferozepur Road and Freedom

Chowk. All PTI workers were

responsible for reaching the nearest point

demonstration in their locality. PTI protests and rallies began at 5 p.m. Saturday

from different areas of the city

and converged on their favorite

rallying point, Liberty Chowk.

PTI protesters on Saturday

started around 5 p.m.

in the evening and concluded at 9

pm at Freedom Chowk. General Directorate of PTI, including,

Asad Umar, Shah Mahmoud

Qureshi, Shafqat Mehmood,

Yasmin Rashid and others addressed the participants of the

demonstration. The participants of the procession prayed

for the speedy recovery of Imran Khan and shouted slogans

against the imported government and Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah. Freedom

Chowk echoed with party anthems played on the big sound

system installed on the container. It was announced by the

The leadership of the PTI which up to Imran

Khan fully recovers, workers and party supporters go

congregate at Liberty Chowk from

5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily

to register their protest against

Imran Khan’s attack.

The central Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leadership, including

Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Asad

Omar, Hammad Azhar, Shafqat

Mahmood, provincial minister

Mian Mahmood-ur-Rashid too

addressed the participants of

the protest demonstration at

Liberty Chowk.

Meanwhile, Islamabad Police have recorded separate cases against several long marches

participants, including PTI

leaders for assaulting law enforcement personnel

and vandalize public property.

The cases were registered with

the industrial zone police station friday under the sections

353 (assault or criminal force to

dissuade a public servant from carrying out his duties); 186 (obstructing a public official in the performance of public duties), 422

and 188 (disobeying the order

duly promulgated by the official). No fewer than 250-300 protesters led by PTI Amir leaders

Mehmood Kayani, Ali Ahmed

Awan, Wasif Qayyum, Chaudhry

Shoaib and others were heading to Faizabad on Friday

evening and they pushed party activists to attack the police and

FC staff,” an FIR said.

At least nine CF personnel and

five police officers were injured in the attack, the FIR added. We can add here that

the angry mob of PTI workers

had also set fire to the motorbike of an orphan cyclist, who

was seen crying in a video widely shared on social media. The

victim Ishtiaq said in the video

that he was the breadwinner of

his large family after death

of his father “I am a pupil of

9th class and also cover the cost

of his education by riding the

Bykea,” he lamented, rolling tears down his cheeks.