Interaction with learners

Redefining university education in light of NEP 2020

They will show a sense of responsibility only to the extent that they are convinced of the value of the objectives they are pursuing. If they are viewed by their teachers as creative individuals, they will in turn provide the power that will energize the social machinery.

The failure or success of a university must therefore be judged by the extent to which it releases the energies of youth for a creative and useful life. The fight against evil is incessant and formidable.

When we find that despite our sincere efforts, the forces of evil grow stronger, the best of us can lose heart. There are times when we feel hopeless, but those are the times that test our strength.

If we have developed sufficient resources, we can always rely on them in times of crisis and draw strength and inspiration from them. At university, it is possible to develop the inner resources and the vision to face difficulties with courage, to remain calm and unfazed in grief and suffering, to maintain mental balance in the face of failure and frustration, to show restraint when there are temptations, and to pursue one’s goal tenaciously.

It is the privilege of man alone in all of God’s creation to tap into his inner resources when there is no light in the outer world. These inner resources cannot be developed all at once. We must cultivate them early in life like cultivating our body and our muscles.

Knowledge and kindness must be pursued simultaneously, for the former without the latter is dangerous just as the latter without the former is ineffective. While in the Temple of Learning, you must not only pay homage to the Goddess of Learning, but also offer a sacrifice at the Altar of the Goddess of Bounty.

The human race has taken thousands of years to reach the present stage of civilization. The beast in man is still alive and raises its monstrous head again and again with a threat to destroy civilization. In the short span of life, our generation must not only consolidate the gains of thousands of years, but with vision and strength of character, we must carry civilization forward.

If you allow the beast within you to dominate us and indulge in passions and activities that degrade human nature, the process of civilization will come to a halt and we will delay the dawn of a new age in which man will be closer to God than to nature. . The choice is ours; but remember that the stakes are high.

If universities cast a spotlight inward, they will find that the depersonalization of student-faculty relationships is an important factor responsible for the current troubles.