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Representative member violates NBC directive on insecurity reporting

The Minority Whip in the immediate past in the 8th House of Representatives, the Hon. Yakubu Barde on Saturday expressed dissatisfaction with the directive issued by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) on the activities of insurgents, bandits and kidnappers.

Hon. Barde in a statement made available to the Nigerian Tribune, while expressing solidarity with the Nigerian media, argued that the fate of its constituents who have become prey and victims of kidnappers, bandits and terrorists would not have not been known to the world without the media.

While urging the Commission not to gag the media in the exercise of its statutory functions, the Kaduna lawmaker lamented that as many as 151 people in his federal constituencies, including the 121 students of Bethel Baptist High School, are still in the den of kidnappers.

He said: “I am compelled by reports from credible media to make this statement regarding a strange directive from the National Broadcasting Commission to Nigerian TV and radio stations not to disclose ‘details’ of activities. bandits, terrorists and kidnappers in their reports.

“As the representative whose constituency (Chikun / Kajuru) is most affected by the activities of these bandits, terrorists and kidnappers, it is relevant that I lend my voice to this nifty NBC maneuver to prevent the media from telling the stories.” of my people. .

“My constituency has taken advantage of the role played by the media to let the world know that my constituents have been killed, maimed, kidnapped, raped and that their villages have been occupied by these terrorists.

“Over the past few weeks, I have engaged the media by granting interviews, raising motions on the floor of my house and sharing alarming data about the atrocities perpetrated in my constituency by these terrorists.

“As of this writing, 121 students from Bethel Baptist High School, the 14 family members of Emir of Kajuru and 16 members from Anguwan Gimbiya to Sabon Tasha and many more are still in captivity. The kidnappings continued unabated.

“On Friday, two young men were killed by bandits in the village of Kagurdna, Kakau district in the local government of Chikun.

“Who would have told the world our stories or what platform would I have used to let the world know about the plight of my people?

“As an elected official, I have used the media / press to make suggestions on possible solutions to this threat by advocating the use of technology and also seeking foreign aid for our security agencies.

“I want to categorically state that I stand in solidarity with all the press and media and that I want to allow them to continue to tell stories of atrocities committed by terrorists across the country while being professional in the exercise of their duties, “said the Hon. Bard said in the statement.


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