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Residents of Wilton are graduates of Wooster School!

Congratulations to the Class of 2022 Wooster graduates, including Wilton residents Parker Etzbach, Reid Etzbach, Sean Garvey, Hailey Looney, Lillie Shipman, Shane Taubin, Patrick Xue

The Wooster School held its kick-off drills on Friday, June 10 to celebrate the graduation of the class of 2022. These seniors join more than 3,000 alumni who have graduated since Wooster’s founding in 1926.

Vice President of the Wooster School Board of Trustees, Jennifer Wadehra offered kind words to future Wooster graduates. “Graduates, you have shown that you are really kind and generous. As a class, you have excelled in studies, arts, sports, and service. Let’s stop for a minute and remember again how difficult the past few years have been. Maybe the struggles are in the foreground. It’s understandable too. Yet today you are here and you have navigated through the unknown, loss and change – all while being meant to learn, mature, have fun and plan for your future. Know that it is a lot and it is more than enough. We celebrate each of you.

Class speaker Cole Breen ’22 delivered heartfelt remarks. “The idea of ​​shared values ​​and knowing that you are part of something bigger than yourself is invaluable. Wooster is a small school, but we are big on what matters – friendship, empathy, respect, self-challenge, and the ability to effectively communicate thoughts, feelings, and ideas are just a few of the many skills a Wooster student learns over their four or more years. Breen added “We build community not just by caring and talking to each other, but by our shared identity. Some of us have been here since kindergarten, some since middle school, and even more who have been here for a few years.” In the end, it doesn’t matter when or where we came from, it doesn’t matter where we all got to… Wooster School.

Before the seniors received their diplomas, the school’s principal, Matt Byrnes, addressed the graduating class. “Questions are essential, because they demand answers. The right answers are hard to find and require thought, discussion and listening. The big personal and existential questions require the most work – and that’s not a bad thing.” Byrnes added: “The more I ask, the more I read, the more I listen, and the more I learn, the more I need to know. The more I want to know. But that’s what I would call a virtuous circle for And the interactions that will best shape your existence and define who you are are those with the people you love, your family, your friends, it is these interactions that will create the matter of your life, the perceptible reality. Through them, a purpose and a meaning emerges and evolves.Your work, your passions, your experiences, they will all contribute – they will help complete your sense of who you are, but it is the love you share with the others – your vulnerability, your generosity, your courage, your forgiveness in relationships – it will bring you closer to understanding yourself and your purpose in this life.”

Congratulations to the Grande Classe of 2022 for all their achievements!