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As the healthcare sector continues to face enormous challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic, some are turning to robots to ease their burden.

The tasks of the robots vary from delivering food to patients to the company, and here are the most notable:

Good feline

Sunway Medical Center in Selangor showcased BellaBot, an autonomous robot with cat ears, to help deliver meals to patients and caregivers in its pediatric ward.

BellaBot is built with four stacked shelves for meal trays, includes customizable delivery features, and a safe navigation system, according to a statement.

BellaBot also has a “birthday mode” to entertain young patients with a song.

BellaBot delivers food to pediatric patients. – Sunway Medical Center

Sunway Medical Center CEO Bryan Lin said the company is finding innovative new ways to improve patient experience and safety amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

“BellaBot’s growth potential is vast. This is just the beginning. The advent of smart technology like BellaBot can help our staff focus on patient care, deliver ‘surge capacity’ during peak demand and improve overall operational efficiency, ”he said. he declares.

Grace under pressure

Hanson Robotics – the maker of the humanoid Sophia – plans to release Grace, a prototype companion robot with human characteristics, and designed to interact with the elderly and those who feel isolated due to the pandemic.

According to Reuters, Grace has a thermal imager in her chest to measure a person’s temperature.

The robot uses artificial intelligence to diagnose patients and is said to be able to respond in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

It can also simulate the action of over 48 major facial muscles to convey more human expressions when interacting with patients.

Hanson Robotics founder David Hanson believes Grace’s ability to interact with patients will help ease the burden on people on the front lines during the pandemic.

Plans are underway to deploy Grace to countries like China, Japan and South Korea next year.

Call home with Mitra

Covid-19 patients in hospitals in India have turned to Mitra, a robot with facial recognition technology that allows them to communicate with doctors or family members through its cameras and a video screen on Her chest.

Mitra, designed by Invento Robotics, can also disinfect surfaces and answer patient questions, according to a report.

Mitra is a 5 foot tall robot who can help with preliminary screenings. – AFP

Balaji Viswanathan, CEO of Invento Robotics, said Mitra can also remind patients to take their medication.

The 5-foot-tall robot can also be equipped with a scanner to measure temperature and help with preliminary screenings.

Kapil Tyagi, director of Yatharth Hospital in the city of Noida, northern India, told CNN that Mitra provides patients with a much-needed sense of camaraderie.

“Patients are happy and positive every time the robot visits them. They often take selfies with Mitra, ”he said.

Meet Moxi

Healthcare workers in hospitals in Texas, United States must thank the Moxi robot for performing tasks such as delivering personal protective equipment, collecting Covid-19 swabs, and sending them to the lab.

One report describes Moxi as a one-armed robot with wheels. Its LED eyes can change from an array of blue dots to hearts when interacting with individuals.

Josh Kemph, director of operations for Medical City Heart Hospital and Medical City Spine Hospital, told KXAN media outlet that healthcare workers can spend more time focusing on important tasks such as patient care, leaving Moxi deal with repetitive tasks.

“It could add maybe 10-15 minutes per task, and when you have Moxi running 50-60-75 tasks in a shift, I mean it adds up quickly. So, yes, it’s hours and hours of return for the staff, ”he said.

Delta book

In the village of Tembok Gede in Indonesia, community members came together to build Delta, a robot that delivers food and other essential items to self-isolating Covid-19 patients.

Reuters reported that the robot’s head is made from a rice cooker and other items such as pots, pans and an old monitor. For the base, it uses a toy car chassis.

The robot has an autonomy of 12 hours and can be used with a remote control.

When making deliveries, Delta greets recipients with “Assalamualaikum. Delivery is here. Get well quickly. “

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