Seinfeld: Kramer’s 10 Wackiest Hobbies

So far this year, Netflix has struggled with its subscription numbers, even laying off employees in a bid to cut costs. Yet despite these problems, the full series of Seinfeld has remained a popular title on the subscription service since its arrival last year.

A big reason for Seinfeld popularity has always been Kramer and even today, nearly thirty-five years after his NBC debut, Jerry’s eccentric hipster neighbor dufus is still a favorite. It’s always fun to see what Kramer does in each episode, and the hobbies he develops or reveals throughout the series usually end up being hilarious missteps.


ten Golf

Kramer plays golf on Seinfeld Beach

Kramer’s passion for golf is well documented in Seinfeld, with the beloved character seen in several episodes wearing his ridiculous golf outfit. At one time, the sport was more than a hobby, although Kramer’s plans to turn pro were derailed after a car accident.

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While a penchant for golf hardly qualifies as odd, it’s Kramer’s enthusiasm for the game as well as his unique ability to get in over his head that really changes everything. For example, only Kramer could become involved with an accused murderer through a simple game of golf, as he did in the second episode of the sixth season, “The Big Salad”.

9 cigar lover

In the mid-1990s, the cigar boom brought cigars back into the mainstream. Kramer was an enthusiastic supporter, his favorite brand being Cuban. Unfortunately for him, Cuban cigars are illegal in the United States.

In terms of experience as a cigar smoker, Kramer doesn’t fare too well. He’s notoriously accident-prone, so it’s no surprise that he managed to set his own hair on fire and burn down Susan Ross’ parents’ cabin, all because of his beloved cigars. Like most of Kramer’s hobbies, cigars are probably not his ideal partner.

8 Acting

After taking a liking to performing on a disastrous Woody Allen production, Kramer’s interest in show business took a significant leap. He even moved to Los Angeles at one point, only to find himself embroiled in a murder investigation.

Through Seinfeld run, the scenes Kramer was seen performing in were indeed memorable, but not because of his talent. As an actor, Kramer’s skills leave much to be desired – which is likely why in later episodes his acting activities are largely confined to a status best described as amateur.

seven pasta sculptures

In the few times the public got a glimpse inside Kramer’s apartment, it was apparent that his eclectic tastes extended to his sense of decor. So fans weren’t particularly surprised when it was revealed that Kramer had a passion for creating art.

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Of course, Kramer being Kramer, his artistic impulses didn’t culminate in something simple like painting or sketching. Instead, he took to sculpting with uncooked pasta. Fusilli Jerry was born out of these efforts, as was Macaroni Midler – whose challenge (according to Kramer) was finding the right pasta to convey the subject’s personality.

6 Kitchen

Kramer in turkey

From pies to Jewish cuisine to do-it-yourself pizza, Kramer has always shown a strong fondness for cooking. This often manifests in ways that involve Jerry (or his kitchen) and even includes the help of anyone willing to roll up their sleeves by his side.

However, it’s not the cooking itself that often gets Kramer into trouble. Usually he takes on more than he can handle or acts before he thinks about the challenge. Kramer also seems to lack the common-sense approach that most of us have – like cooking a meal for dinner guests in the shower probably isn’t the best technique.

5 Hot tub

Whether it’s a hot tub or a sauna, Kramer really likes to relax. It was the hot tub, however, which became a permanent feature of his apartment and which he regularly invited to check out. But of course, this too has proven problematic on several occasions.

Although Jerry called Kramer’s spa a “human bacterial strike,” the reprimand did absolutely nothing to diminish Cosmo’s enthusiasm for a good soak. It’s understandable that someone like Kramer takes a particular liking to hot tubs, since his whole life revolves around recreation and sojourn. “loose like creamed corn”.

4 coffee table

Kramer’s love of coffee tables is just one of the many things fans have discovered about the character throughout. Seinfeld nine-season run. But unlike other facts about him, coffee tables are much easier to forget thanks to his published book on coffee tables.

It certainly takes a keen eye to appreciate coffee tables enough to want to put together an entire book about them, and in that respect Kramer is fully dedicated. It’s unfortunate that fans never got a look at one of the tables found in Kramer’s book, but this furniture-related hobby remains an important aspect of the character’s life, regardless. .

3 Swimming

Kramer swimming in the East River on Seinfeld

When it comes to recreation, swimming is a perfectly legitimate pastime. Kramer’s approach has always been his in this regard and although he eventually grew tired of swimming in crowded public pools, his love for water and the beach never wavered.

Swimming may have brought Kramer a bit of frustration, but it also had a huge effect on Seinfeld in general. His time at the beach resulted in everything from the idea of ​​a cologne to the impact of the gang’s flight to Paris in the series finale. Only Kramer could take such an innocent hobby and ignite it.

2 Keep the community clean

Kramer paints highway lines in Seinfeld

Through Seinfeld, Kramer proves he cares about a clean community. In all fairness, he’s the only one of the four main characters who even cares about things like picking up trash and calling others to litter.

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That being said, it’s no surprise that Kramer’s interest in order goes beyond what is necessary. Always looking for a way to turn the simplest thing into a luxurious version of itself, even keeping the community clean proved problematic for the K-man.

1 The Miss America Pageant

Kramer and Jerry in Seinfeld

Only Kramer could surprise the audience with such a special pastime as the Miss America contest. It’s only Seinfeld sixth season that fans discovered this completely unexpected hobby – adding yet another dimension to an already multi-faceted character.

By her own admission, Kramer has seen every Miss America pageant since she was six years old. As a result, he considers himself something of a pageant expert. But even that expertise can’t erase the fact that Kramer just has a knack for putting himself in situations that don’t pan out. Her disastrous tenure as Miss Rhode Island’s coach is further proof of that.

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