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These days, many students want to participate in short-term study or exchange programs in the US during summer vacation or for a semester / academic year. Today’s column is dedicated to this special topic on American higher education.

Different types of short-term programs are available for students and professionals who wish to gain additional knowledge or improve their professional qualifications through such programs. Some students also use such programs to learn about the American culture and education system before making the decision to apply to American institutions. Typically, short-term programs last 12 months or less.

University-sponsored or private exchanges, non-degree or executive programs and internships are common types of these programs. In today’s column and the next, we’ll discuss these different types of short-term programs.

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Exchange programs offer students opportunities to live, learn and enrich themselves in a variety of cultural contexts. Students can choose to apply for an academic exchange between two universities or a short-term professional program.

Many Indian universities have set up different types of exchange programs with institutions in the United States. Students typically spend a semester or academic year on a US campus as part of such programs. In the case of a university exchange, the courses taken at the American institution may count towards the degree program, while the credits obtained by the student at the American institution may be transferred upon return. at his home establishment in India. Sometimes students only take a few courses at American University for personal or professional development. The fees for such programs are usually decided by the two institutions that established the exchange program. Another consideration for students is a summer program which is shorter and therefore cheaper.

In next week’s column, we’ll be discussing Certificate / Executive Programs and Internships.

– Monika Setia (Regional Manager and EducationUSA Advisor at the United States-India Educational Foundation based at the US Consulate General in Hyderabad. Please visit https://educationusa.state.gov/centers/educationusa-usief-hyderabad for more information)

Questions answers :
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Q. I am applying to masters programs in USA for fall 2022. How can I improve my chances of receiving financial support from college?
– Manish Kumar

AUS institutions review a student’s complete application package to identify applicants for financial support.
Students will be more likely to get financial aid if they:
• Show evidence of a high level of academic achievement, commitment and motivation in the intended field of study through their statement of intent and curriculum vitae
• Achieve high scores on standardized tests
• Have letters of recommendation outstanding
• Have previous research or teaching experience

Q. Our daughter wants to get a bachelor’s degree in education and is considering applying to American institutions. What are her career prospects after completing such a program and what type of major can she choose in the United States?
– P. Emmanuel

Graduates of this discipline can find jobs in schools and universities, with education departments or other policy-making bodies, educational media, hospitals (counseling or health education) or vocational guidance centers. Students can also start their own education business with private practice or by setting up an educational institution.

At the undergraduate (bachelor’s) level, students can earn a bachelor’s or bachelor’s degree in education or a related discipline. Special education, counseling, elementary education, early childhood education, etc. are a few options for majors at the undergraduate level in the United States.

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