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South Downs student who is one of the first to study new T-level of digital production looks forward to a career in tech

Chloe Knowles, a student at Havant and South Downs, is preparing for the T-level qualification in digital production, design and development.

T-Levels are new qualifications for students aged 16-19 who have completed the GCSE, and aim to bring together classroom learning and an extended internship in industry on a course designed with companies and employers.

Chloe wants to work in software development or potential application or website development, and has already completed a two-week internship at a company called YourCentre where she wrote code.

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She said: “My experience during my T-level course so far has been really interesting and exciting.

“I have loved talking to many different employers around the world and gaining knowledge that I can take with me in the future.

“Using more advanced Python coding and equipment like virtual machines was also fun. “

Nicolette Dryden

Chloe said she liked the class to give her a real world experience.

She added, “I would definitely encourage others to take this course as it is a lot more exciting and interesting than the regular A levels.

“It also gives you a real workplace experience that looks great on a resume and makes you more employable in the future. “

The course also gave Chloe the chance to have a Zoom call with an AI expert in Seattle to give insight into one of the exciting career paths in the digital industry.

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Chloe’s teacher, Nicolette Dryden, graduated in computer science in the 1980s and continued to see mostly men interested in these topics throughout her life.

She is thrilled that Chloe is so passionate about the subject and that she is doing so well as the only girl in her class this year.

Nicolette said: “It has been really fun teaching the new digital T level.

“We took a project-based learning approach, starting with small, simple projects like a ‘food discussion robot’ based on apps like ‘Just Eat’, then layering more theory and skills to the next project.

“In this way, students reinforce the fundamentals of software development while integrating new theory.

“Industry internships and faculty experience in the industry help students relate their classroom activities to the real world. “

After completing her T level, Chloe hopes to embark on a career in software development or coding.

Nicolette added: “It would be great to see more girls registering for digital T as there are many technological opportunities for young women.

“Chloe is a great student and a good role model for girls considering a career in tech.”

Employers can apply for a £ 1,000 cash boost for every T-level student they host for a high-quality internship in the industry, under a new incentive program designed to provide a support for employers affected by the pandemic.

They can claim up to 20 students for T-level subjects available until July of next year.

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