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Suffolk County Executive Bellone Announces First-Ever Suffolk County Virtual Auction

Registration for the Suffolk Property Auction is now online.

Suffolk County Director Steve Bellone today announced that the 2021 Suffolk County Real Estate Auction will be held virtually. The auction will take place on Wednesday December 1 from 9:30 a.m. and end at 3:30 p.m.

The Suffolk County Real Estate Auction helps ease the tax burden on County taxpayers and provides an unprecedented opportunity for individuals to become homeowners in Suffolk County at a reasonable cost. This year’s virtual format will allow for more participation, as those looking to buy property do not need to be in Suffolk County. In previous years, people looking to buy a property should have attended the 2-day in-person live auction. In addition, the virtual format will reduce staff time and resources, allowing county employees to prioritize their normal duties and tasks.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us how valuable the implementation of new and emerging technologies is,” County Director Steve Bellone said. “As we work to bring county government into the 21st century, the virtual property auction is our latest effort to streamline resources and create greater efficiency, while simultaneously increasing access. “

Earlier this year, Suffolk County selected supplier Realauction.com, LLC to host this year’s virtual auction. Realauction.com, LLC was selected in October 2020, and there is no cost to the county. An auction fee of $ 300 will be paid by the winning bidder.

Registrations are open until Tuesday 23 November. To register click here. The auction will take place on Wednesday December 1.

The auction website includes training and information on how to navigate this year’s online public auction. All properties are now searchable online using GIS access on the Suffolk County auction website. Additionally, telephone support services are available both through auction provider RealAuction.com and through the 311 call center.

Around 159 Parcels are available this year. For a full inventory of properties, click here.