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Teach Portsmouth helps prospective teachers stay local

A free online tool designed to help locals start a teaching career in the city has been updated for the upcoming academic year.

Many people who are considering a career in teaching will know where they want to live or have an idea of ​​the age range they would like to teach. But with different training paths available, it is often difficult for people to understand the qualifications they need.

This is where Portsmouth City Council Teaching in Portsmouth happens, it offers a range of training and educational resources to help people of all backgrounds understand their options. The city has many providers who offer training for young children, primary, secondary and post-16 institutions.

It guides people through the three main educational pathways, explains eight qualification pathways to consider, and details about training providers.

It also guides people step by step through the minimum requirements they need to teach.

Those interested can also select the method of financing their training as well as the age group and the subjects they wish to teach.

Councilor Suzy Horton, deputy chief and cabinet member for children, families and education at Portsmouth City Council said:

“Everyone’s educational journey is different, but knowing where to start can often be the first hurdle. The website helps people navigate their options by presenting information in small chunks.

“It’s a fantastic tool that will benefit many people interested in teaching. There is so much information that it can seem a bit overwhelming. A local service like Teach Portsmouth can help those interested right from the start of their trip.

Those who complete the route search will be presented with a list of course providers. The online tool allows a person to click on a training provider’s website.

Lynn Nichols, Director of Initial Teacher Education and Direct School in Portsmouth and Solent Teaching School Alliance said:

“As a training provider in Portsmouth, we get questions from potential teachers asking where to start?

“We always recommend visiting the Teach Portsmouth website to research your training options first. It is not uncommon to be unsure of what age group or subject you want to teach at the start. As you research, the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place and a picture becomes clear. Talk to people and vendors as they can also recommend the best routes based on your skill level and experience.

The Itinerary Finder has been updated to include course information for the 2022-2023 academic year. For those new to teaching, the Teach Portsmouth website also has a range of helpful resources. , including webinars and blogs to check out.

For more information, residents can visit www.teachportsmouth.co.uk/training or search for Teach Portsmouth online.