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The 5 best refresher courses to help you advance your career

by Analytics Insight

October 26, 2021

The covid-19 pandemic has radically changed the way industries operate. The education sector has also evolved to meet the new demands of working from home and learning new skills has become imperative for job retention. According to a survey, around 80% of companies are looking for recycling employees and 90% of Indian companies are accelerating digitization.

As the retraining requirement is growing in popularity, here are 5 retraining courses that will help you improve:

1. Advanced Certification in UI UX Design Strategy by Intellipaat in collaboration with E & ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati

The program offers comprehensive advanced certification training for those who wish to pursue a career in UI UX design strategy. The course syllabus is designed and supervised by leading professors at IIT Guwahati and is specially designed for aspiring learners who wish to pursue a career in this field. This training lasts 7 months with more than 50 live sessions, more than 20 industrial projects, 24/7 support and one-on-one meetings with industry experts. In addition, it offers 2 days of on-campus immersion at IIT Guwahati and Career Services support with 3 interviews guaranteed by Intellipaat. Learners will master skills such as Design Thinking, interaction design principles, wireframing, sketching, prototyping, etc. All learners will work on designing real-world desktop and mobile UI UX applications throughout the course.

2. Intellipaat software engineering and application development course in collaboration with E & TIC, IIT Guwahati

This 600 hour applied learning course provides holistic training in software engineering and application development with specializations in Backend, Full Stack, Cloud Computing & DevOps, Data Science and Cyber ​​Security. This course will help learners secure jobs in product-oriented companies. Learn from industry practitioners and IIT Guwahati faculty with over 100 live sessions over 9 months and over 50 industry projects and case studies. A 2-day on-campus immersion at IIT Guwahati is also offered. The advanced certification, offered by E & ICT, IIT Guwahati is aligned with industry requirements and will allow you to land interviews with top product companies.

3. Salesforce certification training: Administrator and Application Builder by Intellipaat

This course will prepare you to take the Salesforce Certified Administrator (ADM 201) and Certified Platform App Builder DEV 402) certification exams. This 36-hour certification online course provides 52 hours of projects and exercises that will give you in-depth knowledge and professional assistance to enhance your career. They also have mentor support for any queries and questions which are available 24/7 for your support. Besides, they offer free lifetime upgrades for future reference to revamp your knowledge.

5. Professional Certificate in Blockchain Fundamentals by EDX

Berkeley (University of California) Certified Blockchain Fundamentals is a 3 month program. This course helps you understand the real world applications of Bitcoin and allows you to learn how to strike Bitcoin, Ethereum, smart contracts, and Dapps, as well as alternatives to Bitcoin’s proof of work consensus algorithm. It will teach you about blockchain implementations at the commercial level, its future and much more. This online certification course is self-paced video-based with expert instruction.

6. Professional Google Project Management Certificate by Coursera

Certificate of Google Project Management by Coursera is a 6-month online course. It will prepare you for a broad career in project management with no experience and provide you with the job training designed by Google that will prepare you for an entry-level job. The best part about this course is that it is highly interactive and was designed by Google employees with decades of project management experience and knowledge.

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