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The Council approves the explanatory text for the questions of revision of the Charter

Posted: Oct 12, 2022 4:40 PM

The Legislative Council approved an explanatory text for the two Charter review questions to be put to a referendum on Election Day, November 8.

City Attorney David Grogins presented the text to council at a Sept. 21 meeting and noted that the text is a “brief summary of the issues, with the caveat that the explanatory text cannot argue for or against the adoption of the charter review questions.”

Mail-in ballots, including races for Governor, U.S. Senate, U.S. Representative, State Senator, State Representative, Attorney General, Treasurer, Secretary of State, Comptroller , the probate judge and the two charter review questions with explanatory text, will be available on Friday, October 9. (See additional details in today’s print edition.)

The first referendum question reads: “Should the Charter be amended to provide that sections 2 to 125, sections (a) and (b) ‘Finance Council’ be deleted from the Charter and that all powers thereof be conferred on the Legislative Council. ”

The approved explanatory text states that “Approval of Question 1 will remove the Finance Council from the Charter as an advisory body. All powers of the Finance Council would then be vested in the Legislative Council. Any reference to the Finance Council will also be deleted. [from the Charter].”

“The first question is the main question for this round,” Grogins said. “I address this individually.”

Grogins said all other proposed revisions to the charter are included in the second question because “the majority of the changes relate to administrative elements, with few substantive changes.” He said most of the revisions were “very technical in nature” and he tried to single out the revisions that voters might be “most pressured into” to vote on.

The second referendum question reads: “Will the remaining amendments to the Charter passed by the Legislative Council on July 20, 2022 be approved?”

The approved explanatory text states that “Approval of Question #2 accepts the remainder of the proposed changes in their entirety, including organizational, non-substantive, and substantive changes to the document, including, but not limited to:

“(a) Section 1-25(a)(7). This provision redefines the term “Municipal Department” as it applies to the Board of Education by exempting the Board of Education from certain duties and functions of municipal agencies that would violate other provisions of the applicable Connecticut General Statutes. to the Board of Education.

“(b) Section 2-01(c). Connecticut’s general statutes shall supersede the provisions of Section 2-01(c), which permits municipal bodies to establish their own rules of conduct.

“(c) Section 2-05(d) removes the Buildings Appeal Board from the Charter, as does section 2-15(d).

“(d) Section 2-25(a) exempts members of a municipal body from voting on the minutes of a previous meeting at which they were not present.

“(e) Section 2-31(c)(1-5) describes the procedure for filling vacancies on the Board of Education.

“(f) Section 2-135(a) provides that the City Clerk shall also be the Registrar of Vital Statistics.

“(g) Section 2-160(a) provides that police commissioners shall also act as a civilian police review board.

“h) Section 2-210 removes the Buildings Appeal Board.

“i) Section 3-15(e) describes the school board election process.

“(j) Rule 6-20 defines the functions of the Legislative Council relating to the budget.

“(k) Section 6-20(f)(2) sets out the process following the failure of an annual budget referendum.

“(l) Section 6-35(b) and (d) revises requests for emergency credits.

“m) Section 6-35(g) modifies the procedure for emergency and special credits.”

Atty Grogins told the Board that he was “pleased with the wording” and “ensure that it complies with Connecticut state laws.”

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