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The Minister of Local Authorities instructs the members of the Assembly to dialogue with the voters

Mr. Daniel Kwaku Botwe, Minister of Local Authorities, instructed the members of the Assembly to dialogue with their constituents in accordance with the law on local authorities in order to ensure the efficient functioning of the assemblies.

He said that just as the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Directors General (MMDCEs) have their role to play under the Local Government Act, so do the members of the assembly.

“One of the key functions is to engage periodically with their electorates to explain the policies and programs of the Assembly to the people,” he said.

This, he added, would strengthen local people’s understanding of the assemblies’ programs and policies in line with the government’s agenda and position them to support and participate fully in accelerated development.

Citing Law 963 of the Local Government Law, which speaks of the duties of members of the Assembly, Mr. Botwe said that in the wisdom of the drafters of the Constitution, all local government officials have a role to play in strengthen the decentralization system for efficient delivery service.

Speaking in Adukrom upon confirmation of the candidate for the Okere District Chief Executive (DCE), he instructed the assembly members to be ready to work in accordance with their duties, as stipulated in the local government law.

He noted that the law spelled out many offenses because people did not understand the law, adding that “if people are familiar with the functions of assemblies, they can be held accountable and it depends a lot on whether the members of the Assembly engage their voters ”.

For example, he said indiscriminately siting containers and kiosks had become an issue across the country and described it as two sides of the same coin.

“However, securing the right thing to do should not be a family or partisan matter, but a matter of law and principle and I firmly believe that if people understood, in most cases they would obey the law,” he said. he declared.

Article 243 of the 1992 Constitution sets out the duties and mandate of MMDCEs and emphasizes that “MMDCEs are the representatives of the government in their respective fields and must therefore receive the necessary support to carry out the program and the vision of the government for the benefit People. . “

He congratulated the Assembly members on having unanimously confirmed the President’s candidate, Mr. Daniel Kenneth, for a second term and expressed the hope that all other Assemblies would do the same to make room for development. .
“Members of the Assembly cannot hold the Assembly to ransom.”

Mr Dan Botwe, who is also a Member of Parliament for Okere, praised the chiefs and people of the region for their tremendous support which had seen massive development projects soon after the district was established, citing the ultra-building of modern assembly office which has not yet been put into use.

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