Duties and functions

The role of Queen Elizabeth was officially rewritten to reduce duties due to health issues; Reports

Queen Elizabeth’s workload is reduced due to concerns for her health. As reported by the Sunday Telegraph, Buckingham Palace has officially changed the monarch’s role as head of state to a more condensed description to reduce it to its functions. It has been reported that this is the first time the role of Queen has been officially rewritten in a decade.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, the monarchy’s annual report included a change from the 13 bullet points that were previously used to detail Queen Elizabeth’s position. The functions it “must perform” have also been removed from the list. The change in her duties comes after the 96-year-old monarch recently reduced her public appearances.

Recently, Queen Elizabeth celebrated her Platinum Jubilee which consisted of a four-day celebration attended by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who arrived in the UK as well as other senior members of the Royal Family were in attendance. During the festivities, Elizabeth chose to watch Trooping the Color from the balcony of Buckingham Palace and was subsequently absent from other activities due to “discomfort”.

The monarch pulled out of the Thanksgiving service event at St. Paul’s Cathedral due to her ailments. According to US Weekly, it was revealed by an insider in March: “The Queen has been advised by loved ones and trusted advisers to be much easier on herself, even if it means missing out on more duties than she wouldn’t want to.” Meanwhile, the Queen recently traveled to Scotland for her annual Holyrood Week with Prince Charles.

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