The weather does not dampen the enthusiasm in Connell Hill

The weather just wasn’t so good for the competitors on Thursday August 12 at the Connell Hill Equestrian Center, but that didn’t dampen the excitement and the competitors took the chance to skip another inviting course built by Will Creen.

80cm Double clear – Chloe Connon, Captain Moonlight; Hannah Thomp-son, Ballylurgan Hold up; Rachel Brown, Dstud, Flirt; Emma Gaston, Larragh Symphony; Noel McKee, My Harvest Moon; Shane McCloskey, Hendrix.

90cm Clear Double – Shannon Robinson, Vienna; Jonathan Smyth, Gabe; Patricia Stewart Greer P; Wilma Farquhar; Moylough’s last dance; Shane McCloskey, Lady Lisnahill; Patricia Stewart Greer, Billy; Niamh McDaid; Cstledoe Olive; Patricia Stewart Greer R; Patricia Stewart Greer, Macey.

1m Clear Double – Laura Crown, Miss Lady Lux; Chloe Connon; Oyster bay; Niamh McDaid, Castle-doe Olive; Dawn Stephens, Plan Bee; Ryan Hunter, HSC Eye Candy; Shane McCloskey, Lady Lisnahill; Kevin Mackey, Toyko ISH; Ryan Steart Vandetta; Sarah Bailie, Lisna-

tomorrow Vancouver; Sammy Wilson,

Daphne, Jonathan Smyth Fyfin Glenn Boy; Keith McDonald, Spring Shutterfly.

1.1m – 1st Georgia Kelly, Atlantic Mist Z; 2nd Kevin Mackey, Quality Lincourt; 3rd Courtney Sloan, Arch of Claggan Clover.

1.2m – 1st Samantha Billings, Doonini Z; 2nd Jonathan Smyth, Mulvin Oscar; 3rd Patricia Stewart Greer, Rock Storm; 4th Jonathan Smyth, Serenade B; 5th Hannah Thomspon Ballylurgan What Lux; 6th Jonathan Smyth, Hazels Joy.

1.3m – 1st Jonathan Smyth, Mulvin Lights Out; 2nd Laura Brown McCann, Centadel Sensation.

August 19 results:

80cm Clear Double – Ross McElwee, Cluain Laragh Cascade; Chloe Con-no, Captain Moonlight; Karen Pearson, River Crossing; Jonathan Smyth, Candy Boy Kid.

90cm Clear Double – Amanda Ellen McCracken, Concorde’s Clover Bay; Ryan Hunter, Major Tom KWPN; Karen Pearson, Cluide Mist.

1m Clear Double – John Jackson, Moneybroom Flamenco Boy; Carol-ine Gaston, Attrory Ark; Keith McDonald, Springburn Shutterfly; Eamon O’Connor, Knockans Dile-mma; Heather Smith, Amber Vis-


1.1m – 1st Luke Campbell, Viarada Dree Boeken; 2nd Brendan Doherty, Springhill Casanova; 3rd Hazel Eng-lish, Charing Cross; 4th Sarah Irwin, Billy Murphy; 5th Jonathan Smyth, Mulvin Springball; 6th Elle Johnston, Cadence Dreamer.

1.2m – Georgia Kelly, Atlantic Mist Z; 2nd Elle Johnston, Cadence Dreamer; 3rd Jonathan Smyth, M. Basil; 4th Tyrone Flanagan, Rassan Ala Cino.

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