The woman dances enthusiastically in front of her mother-in-law. Watch his reaction

Many people like show their talent on social media or just doing what they like, like dancing or singing. However, when people get married, especially women, they feel like they cannot live the same carefree life and have to behave conservatively in front of their in-laws. That’s not always true, as this woman proved by dancing shamelessly in front of her stepmother.

Vinita Sharma posted a video of her dance on her Instagram account on October 7 and it has received over 9.80 lakh views so far. Draped in a sari and wearing an apron, she is seen dancing excitedly to the song “Lat Lag Gayee” from the movie Race 2. As she dances to the song, her mother-in-law is working in the kitchen behind her. When she sees her stepdaughter dancing, she smiles as Vinita joins her in the kitchen.

“Wait for Sasu Maa’s reaction. I choose to be myself and they choose me as I am. Glad to have such cool parents and family,” she captioned the video.

Watch the video below:

“These chappals though,” one Instagram user commented. “Omg bonding,” said another. “Loved your confidence…great,” posted a third.

Last month, a video of an elderly woman dancing to popular music MGR song while traveling on a bus in Tamil Nadu went viral. The other passengers on the bus seemed to disregard her as she danced on the bus to the song from the 1965 Enga Veetu Pillai film, in which legendary actor MG Ramachandran starred.