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Transforming Education | Highland Post

If we really want to rethink the role that education can play in the decades to come, it will be essential to take drastic measures to elevate the role of teachers. They are the key agents in enabling the journey of growth and transformation and yet teachers are too often overlooked and neglected. However, the gap between private education and the public school system is not narrowing, but is widening more and more. At the same time, achieving better academic results must be accompanied by a strong desire to instill a sense of civic engagement among students.

Teachers should be those who are able to provide the tools that allow a student to grow up with a positive desire to do better on a personal level but also for the betterment of society, by creating the conditions for learning to quality that is not itself. – centered but rather oriented towards the public good. Therefore, all actors involved in the education sector must rely on how it will be possible to value local teachers, creating the conditions for them to act as real agents of change. What is needed are tailor-made plans to locally transform the teaching profession.

Let us not forget that these are individuals who often have no other choice in life but to start a teaching career and often who do not have the qualifications, the enthusiasm or the passion for work. We need to focus at the micro level and imagine new avenues for teachers who are truly passionate about their work, to get the critical tools they need to grow in their jobs and help their students succeed in life in ways holistic and selfless.

For the many people who hang around without love or commitment to their work, it is inevitable that the government will have to find the courage and the resources to slowly leave their profession, a proposition which, given the already high level of unemployment, is neither easy nor politically convenient. Yet if we really want to rethink how education works for the most vulnerable children, we really need to chart new paths to make teaching one of the most attractive jobs.

We really need to create a framework allowing young graduates to embrace teaching in the long term, allowing them to make a precise choice in choosing a teaching career. So why not provide the means, particularly technical, to create national and local academies to build the teaching profession of tomorrow? Imagine centers of learning, where the best teachers and principals from all schools can improve their skills and knowledge along a holistic journey of professional and personal growth.

Inclusive quality education capable of building 21st century skills can only be achieved if all work together to innovate in the field of educational leadership. They must find new ways to reward the best local teachers and while helping those in the profession but disengaged and disinterested to find their own vocation. Let us not forget that real educational transformation requires ambitious and bold national plans, but also a unique attention to the micro level, working alongside teachers who believe in their profession.