Duties and functions

TurboFil Becomes US Sales and Service Representative for UK-Based Sewtec Automation

New York-based specialist in liquid filling and assembly machinery, TurboFil will assume sales and service duties in the eastern and central United States for packaging and end-of-line equipment from Sewtec based in the UK.

Mount Vernon, NY – TurboFil Packaging Machines LLC, an equipment specialist dedicated solely to the design and development of liquid filling and assembly machinery, has been appointed the official United States Sales and Service Representative for the British company Sewtec Automation, which manufactures packaging and other end products. -line equipment.

Going forward, TurboFil will exclusively handle sales, service/maintenance support, marketing, and parts shipping for Sewtec customers in the Eastern and Central United States. Close collaborations will include common equipment solutions for many of the industries served by both TurboFIl and Sewtec, including pharmaceutical, medical device, cosmetics and personal care products. The agreement excludes the westernmost states (CA, UT, OR, ID, NV, AZ, NM, CO, WY, MT and WA).

In addition to bespoke solutions designed to meet specific customer needs, Sewtec Automation offers a range of automated packaging machines that provide precise and reliable product and case handling. Serving the pharmaceutical, medical device, personal care and cosmetics markets, Sewtec’s equipment portfolio includes case erectors and case closers, top loading cartoners, palletizing systems, case loaders pallets and preparers.

For TurboFil, the new partnership expands its equipment offering while offering opportunities for customized solutions developed in synergy. Turbofil’s range of machines includes syringe fillers, cappers, vial crimpers and handling systems, among other solutions.

The partnership makes possible a wider range of customer service scenarios. TurboFil frequently receives requests for combination configurations that integrate, for example, unit dose filling, capping and labeling applications with primary, secondary and transit packaging. Often the goal is to perform most or all of these functions automatically.

Here, Sewtec serves as a natural partner. After being filled, capped and labeled by TurboFil equipment, products can be placed into individual blister packs before moving on to a cartoning module for a finished product ready for retail. Parcels can then be placed in larger mailers and loaded onto pallets for distribution.

“This new partnership with TurboFil is a fantastic opportunity for both parties,” added Andy Perks, Sales Manager at Sewtec Automation. “Our experience in end-of-line packaging automation perfectly complements TurboFil’s assembly and filling machines, allowing us to offer a complete production line solution to customers.”

“Our strategic alignment with Sewtec provides TurboFil customers with complete manufacturing options from production to packaging,” said Deborah Smook, vice president of marketing and business development for TurboFil Packaging Machines LLC. “The result is a one-stop sales and service setup that simplifies everything from factory acceptance testing and installation to after-sales monitoring and parts sourcing.”