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Tutors International encourages families considering private tuition for 2023 to act now

Tutors International’s urgent advice to parents considering employing a residential private tutor for 2023 is to get in touch as soon as possible.

OXFORD, England, November 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In a recent Press release, International tutorsthe main supplier of elite private lessons services worldwide, announced an increase in inquiries for full-time residents home school. The increase prompted CEO and Founder, Adam Caller, who has over 30 years of experience in the education sector, to remind families to assess their tutoring needs now, to ensure best private teachers in 2023.

“Act now, if you are considering employing a private tutor in 2023!” advises the CEO of Tutors International

Caller highlights one reason for the surge in inquiries:

“Whenever there is uncertainty in schools, more and more people seek out tutoring services to try to provide some stability. The education system is in turmoil post Covid. If you consider that the pandemic has caused severe disruption to the education of an unprecedented 1.4 billion pupils in pre-school, primary and secondary schools in more than 190 countries, the fact that Tutors International is receiving many more applications is hardly If the trends continue throughout this year, Tutors International will continue to experience an influx of requests.”

A crisis in our schools

Released last month, the COVID Social Mobility and Opportunity report (COSMO) study is the largest of its kind on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the life chances of a generation of young people. Its findings revealed that four out of five public school students felt academically disadvantaged due to the pandemic.

The report also revealed that a large majority of pupils were unable to access subsidized tutoring made available to schools through the government’s National Tutoring Program (NTP), while almost 50% said that, since the resumption of full-time education, the educational deficit caused by the pandemic had not been addressed.

To make matters worse, inflation and the current energy crisis mean that schools are experiencing massive increases in electricity bills and as a result there is less money to spend on teacher salary increases or essential school repairs. School week last week reported that to cope with rising costs, schools will have no choice but to make drastic cuts. Reducing staff and increasing class sizes are likely options, although 50% of schools in the England are considering reducing their program options, with music, drama, design and technology being the most likely to be dropped.

Mr Caller believes that the lasting effects of Covid, coupled with the financial crisis, will have a negative impact on the education of young people for years to come:

“There will be young people who will never catch up on lost learning and there will be those who will suffer from the changes taking place in schools. At Tutors International we can provide a solution: full-time residential tutoring. Families are increasingly looking for flexible and personalized approach to educating their children and tutoring can meet their individual needs much more effectively than a traditional classroom setting. Addressing special educational needs to accommodate other family, work and travel commitments, including even school at sea, elite private lessons can be tailored to the bespoke needs of each family. If students want a tutor who can also nurture and enhance a specific interest or talent, we will find that tutor. We placed tutors who acted as sailing instructors and equestrian trainers. Our expertise in tailor-made teaching allows us to find a tutor who is much more than a school teacher”.

Mr Caller continues: A successful private tutor will work with the environment and their student to create engaging and individualized learning activities that the student will enjoy and remember. Because the learning process itself can be enjoyable and integrated into daily activities, and because a tutor can identify specific areas where a child needs support and address them directly, students are able to make vital progress in their studies”.

Finding the perfect tutor takes time

Tutors International is unique in that it both recruits and employs private tutors to work with its clients. It does not have a database of tutors to draw from, but tutors are selected for each client and a thorough and personalized search for each request is then carried out.

Due to the bespoke nature of their home tutoring service, finding the right tutor takes time, and so finding and then assigning a tutor cannot be done in record time. Mr. Caller would like to point out that this selection process requires time and due diligence to best meet individual requirements:

“I strongly recommend that families who are considering teaching options for the next academic year begin discussions with Tutors International now, particularly if full-time one-to-one tuition is required. Our placement process at Tutors International is rigorous. and it can take several months to ensure that the tutor, student and family are perfectly suited to each other.”

The educational needs of the student are assessed personally, as are the practical requirements of the family. A senior member of the Tutors International team will always meet with the family at home to best assess these requirements and draft a Job Specification Agreement, which is approved by the client and shared with the tutor.

Mr. Caller explained that initial assessments of the student’s educational needs and the practical requirements of the family will be followed by a targeted international recruitment campaign to identify and interview suitable private tutor candidates. The family is then encouraged to meet two candidates and spend time with them. Caller advised families not to underestimate the importance of finding a guardian who will successfully fit into the family dynamic:

“Our tutors will be an integral part of your household, so there is no substitute for seeing the tutors in your environment, talking to them and spending time together before committing. Selecting the right tutor is ultimately your choice, and with a realistic timeline in place, we increase the likelihood of finding the ideal tutor for your needs. It is even more urgent if a UK tutor is required, given that teachers in the UK must resign a full term in advance.”

Rigorous selection process

Once applications are received, Tutors International follows a strict screening and verification treat. Time should be allowed for initial interviews with the Tutors International team, heightened identity and security checks and thorough checks of qualifications, references and work history. Candidates selected to meet with Clients are subject to a thorough background check by an external international security firm. Mr. Caller emphasizes again how important it is to take into account the time required to find the ideal tutor:

“Someone asked me if we could find a tutor to start in two days. We just don’t do that. World-class educators are not readily available. They are found, then matched and then approved and that, of course, takes time. Also, I have personally been very busy lately, meeting families who have inquired about hiring a private tutor and as a result, I am left with only a few options for meeting people outside from the United Kingdom. It is crucial that parents allow for a recruitment period of approximately nine months so that we can ensure that we find the ideal tutor for their child.”

However, Mr Caller highlighted one exception that could see parents find a suitable candidate in a shorter time frame:

For everyone private tutor positions we offer two or three exceptional shortlisted candidates, all of whom have been carefully screened before meeting with our Clients. This means that there are one or two outstanding educators left after the selection process, and they might just be perfect for another role we come across. However, we pride ourselves on never compromising on candidate suitability, so we cannot guarantee that these educators would be ideally suited for another vacancy.”

Get in touch

Tutors International invites families to get in touch to discuss individual needs and assess all options for the upcoming academic year. A phone consultation with Tutors International is free and a preliminary search isn’t as expensive as the full recruitment process, so if your net worth allows you to consider tailored full-time residential tuition for your family, get in touch. us as soon as possible. This maximizes the chances that Tutors International can hire you.

Families considering private lessons for the upcoming school year are encouraged to get in touch urgently in order to have enough time to recruit and select tutors who are perfectly suited to their individual needs. To learn more about Tutors International and the elite services they offer, visit www.tutors-international.com.

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