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UAE University prepares for “UAE Innovation Month 2022”

Dr Khawla added: “Science is the foundation for the progress and development of nations. Therefore, at UAEU, we base our academic programs and pedagogy on scientific research and innovation. We prioritize investments in preparing future generations of graduates capable of advancing global economic transformation through innovation and research and development, with leadership skills and positive attitudes towards creativity and decision-making. of responsibilities. They must have the ambition to advance the country’s achievements and be able to support its ambition to rank high in global indicators of trade, competitiveness, innovation, entrepreneurship and research and development.

Dr. Khawla explained that ‘UAE Innovation Month’ is a ‘celebration of innovators and an opportunity to recognize their creative efforts. These efforts are sure to strengthen the university’s and the country’s innovative systems and processes. The UAEU makes continuous efforts to translate and transform the creative ideas of scientific researchers into practical realities. These innovations advance social development and nation building and support the excellence of the university’s research profile within the nation, region and internationally”.