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UK boarding schools that train well-rounded learners for college and beyond

Boarding schools are known to provide students with the opportunity to flourish through their strong academic program and varied extracurricular activities in a supportive learning environment.

Students often have multiple opportunities to develop essential skills such as independence, autonomy, adaptability and interpersonal communication, among others, inside and outside the classroom. As a result, they become well-rounded learners who are not only prepared for their next academic step, but also for lifelong success.

Academic achievement aside, many boarding schools also focus on the growth and development of students through structure and discipline, instilling in students a sense of punctuality and discipline that they can keep with them at their best. life. This makes them responsible, independent and confident people, ready to face future challenges.

If your curiosity is piqued, here are four boarding schools that produce well-rounded learners ready to take on the world:

Campbell College

Campbell is diverse, welcoming students of 30 different nationalities. Source: Campbell College Facebook

Located in the bustling city of Belfast in Northern Ireland, Campbell College is an HMC day school and boarding school for boys aged 11-18. Belfast has long been famous for students from all over the world – this coastal city is safe and affordable, which means students get a quality education in a scenic location. The people here are known to be friendly, while students make friends in Campbell or just chat with the locals, they will receive a warm welcome.

Campbell is diverse and welcomes students of 30 different nationalities to this home away from home. This adds a unique international dimension to the College while the students benefit from a strong British education. Boarding has also been a central feature of Campbell – they have 150 boarders; the interaction between day students and boarders also offers students a valued mutual learning experience in international workplaces.

Campbell is only 70% selective academically – while they celebrate school success, the College measures success based on how well each student improves and progresses in their individual academic journey. In addition to instilling academic excellence in students, Campbell also emphasizes a balanced lifestyle through participation in sports, the arts, and a wide range of extracurricular opportunities.

This is achieved through their 100-acre campus, which has superb on-site sports facilities, including 11 rugby pitches, two Astro-turf hockey pitches, a 25-meter swimming pool, five cricket grounds, several indoor gymnasiums, a field shooting range and a lake, which means there is something for the interests of every child. College Principal Robert Robinson echoes this: “We are committed to providing an education that enables every boy to realize his or her potential, whether in the classroom, on stage or on the athletic field.

Collegiate Church of Queen Ethelburga

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QE understands the importance of developing the whole student by providing opportunities for students to learn beyond the classroom. Source: Facebook of the Collegiate Church of Queen Ethelburga

Known locally, nationally and internationally for her exceptional pastoral care, high quality boarding school and outstanding academic results, Collegiate Church of Queen Ethelburga (QE) welcomes girls and boys from three months to 13th grade. Set in over 220 acres of beautiful North Yorkshire countryside, QE provides students with a dynamic and stimulating learning environment that enables them to develop the skills, independence and self-esteem necessary to thrive in the multicultural and technology-driven.

Their students are reaping the rewards of QE’s flexible curriculum, innovative and dynamic teaching and excellent facilities, as evidenced by the positive results of their students. QE good academic results consistently rank them among the top 10 day schools and boarding schools in the UK. In 2021, the School received its highest ever number of offers for the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Their learning programs reflect different approaches for students of different ages and a unified vision of education for the whole child.

Along with their exceptional academic excellence, QE understands the importance of developing the whole student by providing opportunities to learn beyond the classroom through in-depth enrichment, extracurricular programs and sporting activities. Students are spoiled for choice and can choose from martial arts, wrestling, dance and gymnastics, table tennis, cycling, archery, fencing and boxing.

“Our academic results speak for themselves,” says Amy Martin, president of the college council. “But what really sets us apart is our overall pastoral care for students and the incredible facilities and accommodations they enjoy as part of campus life.”

Kilgraston School

Kilgraston students learn and develop skills through small class sizes, hands-on projects, sports, and community activities. Source: Kilgraston School Facebook

Providing exceptional education to girls aged 5-18, the Kilgraston School – a boarding school and a day school in Scotland – nurtures the natural qualities of curiosity, creativity and confidence in pupils. Here the emphasis is on academics, character education and the pursuit of passions.

Kilgraston is part of the Sacred Heart Network. At the heart of their philosophy is their focus on the concept of the whole person through the five goals of the Sacred Heart: living faith, personal growth, intellectual values, community building and active social awareness. The school is nestled in the beautiful Perthshire countryside with its stunning scenery and wildlife. Its campus consists of 54 acres of parkland, providing students with a tranquil learning environment, while neighboring towns and villages are easily accessible.

Kilgraston students learn and develop skills through small class sizes, hands-on projects, sports, and community activities. Each student – day and intern – has a formal tutor. Not only do they provide world-class education, but they also continue to mentor students outside of the classroom on playgrounds, in dormitories, and on their weekend trips and activities.

Throughout their free time, students have the opportunity to pursue a wide range of activities, including sports, music, Art and design or drama. School facilities include a synthetic turf hockey field, eight floodlit tennis courts, extensive playgrounds, a gym, fitness room and climbing wall, as well as than a 25-meter indoor swimming pool complex.

In a report from the HMIE and the Inspectorate of Care, the inspectors note: “Young people thrive in this stimulating environment for learning and make the most of the wide range of enriching activities and experiences. learning offered to them.

Ely of the king

Activities beyond the classroom are important at King’s Ely. Source: King’s Ely School Facebook

For more than 1000 years, Ely of the king encouraged its students to take risks in their learning, to exceed the limits of their expectations and to discover more of the world around them. This day school and boarding school welcomes students from 2 to 18 years old, with boarders from 7 years old.

King’s Ely is strategically located just 15 minutes away north of Cambridge and is just over an hour from London by train. They are a short walk from Ely Station, which offers direct train connections to Cambridge, London, Peterborough and The Fens, making it very accessible.

King’s Ely teaches students life and leadership skills, including collaboration, problem solving, and effective expression. The school offers students a wide range of subjects to intelligently stimulate and instill the knowledge they need to function in the world after leaving school.

The success of the students is another testament to the School’s academic prowess. Last year 86% of King’s Ely students secured a place at their top university, not only in the UK but also around the world. In total, 100% of the students obtained a place at the university, while more than 50% of their students secure places at Russell Group universities. Activities beyond the classroom are just as important at King’s Ely. When students are not studying, they have the opportunity to immerse themselves in music, sport, rowing, art, or theater and theater.

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These boarding schools offer students an unbeatable learning environment:

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