Ukraine’s official Twitter account posts Curb Your Enthusiasm meme

Ukraine is on the brink of a “humanitarian catastrophe”, British Ambassador to the UN Dame Barbara Woodward warned during an emergency meeting of the Security Council.

However, the battle is also online, in the form of cyber attacks and the PR battle. It’s far from the battleground, but the influence of public opinion is a big factor in this conflict, and Ukraine’s official Twitter account is getting back to it.

As Russia continues its assault on the Eastern European country, Dame Barbara was among those at the UN to accuse the Kremlin of launching ‘indiscriminate attacks on men, women and children’ and raping international humanitarian law.

She said: “Following President Putin’s decision to launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, a country of 44 million people is now on the brink of humanitarian catastrophe.

“Missiles rained down on Kharkiv, cluster munitions hitting residential areas and injuring residents. Disrupted supply chains have caused food shortages in Kramatorsk.

“The reckless shelling of an oil depot in Vasylkiv released toxic fumes into nearby communities.

“Violence in Kyiv has forced people to take refuge underground, with thousands of people, including the elderly and disabled, unable to evacuate.”

Calm your enthusiasm

A video uploaded in a report of Ukrainians preparing Molotov cocktails to fight the Russians.

The tweet reads: “A group of Ukrainians were preparing Molotov cocktails to welcome the Russian invaders. But one guy seemed dissatisfied. His regret: Russian armored vehicles can all be burned by someone else before he can put his cocktail into practice.

Then, after the man spoke on camera, Ukraine’s Twitter account added the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme and played the credits.

The bloody and bizarre war is getting weirder and deadlier by the minute.


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