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Unusual jobs you can apply for, from tea taster to professional sleeper

Everyone’s eyes are on a dream job, but there might be some unusual options that many haven’t even considered.

Some job offers often stand out more than others because they offer positions that are out of the ordinary, with job descriptions that one can only normally dream of.

Everyone is familiar with the day-to-day tasks of teaching, being a doctor or office worker, or something more practical like a construction worker. But what if you want a little more incredible work?

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From tea-tasting to the professional sleeper, there is a job for everyone, so we recently took a look at some of the more unusual roles in the job market.

Professional sleeper

Space agency NASA often posts job postings looking for people to pay for sleep. As the geniuses of science prepare to travel to Mars, NASA enjoys studying the effects on the human body of standing still for a long time.

In the past, volunteers have been offered £ 12,000 to catch Z’s for 70 days

A Finnish hotel is also offering deals for a similar role, as it employs a full-time professional sleeper who sleeps in a different room each night and reviews the comfort of the beds to improve the guest experience.

Tea taster

In October, tea giants Tetley Tea were looking for two people to take on new roles in their business as ‘graduate tea buyers’.

The unique role involved tasting up to 300 different teas a day, learning skills and training to become a tea master, traveling the world to build lasting relationships with tea suppliers and producers, and predict the next tea trends.

Graduated tea buyers also had the opportunity to travel the world to visit tea-growing regions to learn more about the world of hot drinks.

Netflix Watcher

A paid job to stay in bed and watch Netflix all day was recently announced.

The luxury bed company, the Bespoke Crafted Beds company, was offering applicants a salary of £ 24,000 to ensure customers get the best quality for the ultimate in comfort.

The successful candidate could test a new high quality mattress every week to provide a weekly written report on the quality of the mattress they tested.

Canine scientific assistant

You could be responsible for giving guide dog puppies the best start in life and preparing them to become successful guide dogs.

Guide Dogs UK was looking for a Dog Science Assistant with a tempting salary of £ 23,173 to help care for the puppies day in and day out.

Helen Whiteside, Scientific Director of Guide Dogs, said: “In addition to providing other services to improve the lives of visually impaired people, Guide Dogs raises and trains over 1,000 dogs each year.

“This important role will focus on the well-being of our puppies: getting to know them, interacting and engaging with them as they become happy and healthy guide dogs. view the applications and look forward to offering this dream position to a lucky candidate with exceptional research experience. ”

Christmas market visitor

Premier Inn was looking for people to test out the Christmas markets as the holiday season approaches.

If you enjoy shopping in the open air and sipping mulled wine, then this job is for you.

The hotel giants were on the hunt for five new employees to become Christmas market testers, covering travel expenses, hotel stays and even providing pocket money.

Successful applicants were to test Christmas markets in locations in the UK, Ireland and Germany.

Head of listening

This job appears to be someone who just provides a listening ear, but it’s actually quite different as the role is to be responsible for “listening” to conversations on social media about a brand or brand. company in particular.

The information is then fed back to the relevant organization, helping it improve its business strategies and marketing campaigns.

As social media grows in popularity, companies are increasingly looking to hire listeners to collect and analyze the available data, with applicants normally expected to have a degree in Marketing Communications or similar.

Salaries can range from £ 25,000 to £ 60,000.

Sewer rinser

While not the most glamorous job, being a sewer firefighter comes with a reasonable salary and doesn’t require any special qualifications.

You would play a vital role in keeping the country’s sewage systems flowing, as drain flushes work to remove blockages caused by the build-up of layers of cooking grease, oils, and non-waste. biodegradable in pipes.

The job expects you to be able to do physical labor in cramped, claustrophobic and smelly conditions, with salaries starting at £ 19,000 and rising to £ 30,000 with experience.

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