Duties and functions

Vice President, APT Syndication and Premium Service

The Vice President, APT Syndication and Premium Service leads the development and management of a content development and acquisition, sales and administration team seeking a wide range of quality content from across a variety of domestic and foreign sources for sale to public TV stations, through Syndication and Premium Service (a membership-based engagement program service), and plays a dynamic role in content and management teams. American Public Television is the leading content syndicator for the nation’s public television channels.

Essential functions:

General direction and management

  1. 1. Act as a highly engaged member of the APT leadership on issues such as strategic planning; dissemination and digital initiatives; diversity, equity and inclusion; and mapping the future of the APT.
  1. 2. Lead, manage and motivate the organization’s primary prime-time content department as well as others across the organization on various projects.
  1. 3. Develop, manage and forecast annual budgets and updates.
  1. 4. Maintain and develop key relationships with local public media stations and external content providers.

Content direction

  1. 5. Evaluate content (individual programs and series) for viewer appeal, availability, affordability and sale to public TV stations for APT syndication via in-person marketing event and multiple online events, as well as periodic special offer opportunities.
  1. 6. Run Zoom / pre-recorded and in-person sales and promotion presentations to the PTV community
  1. 7. Evaluate the suitability of programs and engagement proposals on public television (PTV) and consider acquisition or co-production by APT Premium Service (including viable thank you gifts) to increase support for station members .
  1. 8. Negotiate the contractual conditions of APT offers and broadcasting / distribution licenses; set the national tariffs for program offers within the framework of the PTV tax model.
  1. 9. Participate in appropriate national and international programming markets to research potential content for public television
  1. 10. Attend public television industry meetings to assess programming opportunities and facilitate relationships with content acquisition and membership teams at PTV client stations.
  1. 11. Supervise staff and consultant (s) and direct suppliers in support of corporate functions – management of the program evaluation process (including standards and practices and editorial matters), presentation process program (including descriptive material for sales presentations), program / contract confirmation process and complementary sales.
  1. 12. Lead the annual membership registration and renewal process for the APT Premium service.
  1. 13. Facilitate and oversee industry advisory groups comprised of PTV’s major clients.
  1. 14. Identify the content that will be the subject of special advertising attention, in coordination with the Communication department of the APT.
  1. 15. Maintain relationships with content providers (from large providers, such as NBCUniversal and All3 Media, to independent producers) and content buyers (public television licensees across the country).
  1. 16. Meet with paid content producers to assess and shape potential APT co-productions.
  1. 17. Secure the rights of digital initiatives.
  1. 18. Play a key role in planning the annual conference (APT Fall Marketplace).
  1. 19. Administer the APT program underwriting and credit policy, as required.

  1. 20. Maintain a reliable work presence.

Additional responsibilities

  1. 1. Perform all related tasks assigned to it.
  1. 2. Occasionally train staff.
  1. 3. Help other departments as needed.
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