What I learned from the Euro …

July 07, 2021


Like many of you, I have watched a lot of football lately and enjoyed every minute of it. It was an opportunity to feel hopeful and be a part of an exciting live sport. But even when I’m relaxing I can’t help but think about the real estate agency and I’m always looking to learn. Sport is a rich source of inspiration for me and it has guided me in the way I run our business. I studied sports organizations, leaders and how athletes prepare and compete to make Mr. and Mrs. Clarke stronger

I have learned three key lessons from the Euros and they are not what you would expect.

Roy Keane said enthusiasm is vital to being a top footballer.

I found it fascinating. You’d expect the Irish toughman to be a fan of hard tackles, tactical maneuvering and aggressive leadership – but during a halftime rant he said that without enthusiasm a footballer will never be able to reach the highest level. I wholeheartedly agree. As a real estate agent, you need to be enthusiastic to gain instruction, to be enthusiastic about visits, to be enthusiastic about listing homes, and to get others excited to move on to a sale. Without enthusiasm, you can’t be the best real estate agent.

Some people misinterpret the word enthusiasm for a child as frenzy. They are wrong, enthusiasm is a state of belief in something and the ability to communicate it. We’ve all looked at properties when the agent has no problem showing you they’d rather be somewhere else. I actually visited a house with my family a few days ago that we were very interested in buying, and the agent was so drab and miserable that we were put off. If he didn’t want to be there, or if he was fed up with showing people around the houses – because that’s what he’s been doing for the last thirty years – then that makes viewers of the TV doubtful. property.

Home sellers want an agent who shows enthusiasm and passion for the home and the job. A buyer wants fun and interest in a visit. Lawyers should think the agent is excited about the house they are working on to get the job done quickly and well.

When I talk to agents who want to join Mr. and Mrs. Clarke as an independent agent, I need to see enthusiasm because without it they will never be successful.

Risk takers are required to earn

Watch successful soccer teams and there will always be someone with a spark that lights up the game, a player who can single-handedly transform a game with a spin or a quickening of the pace. These players had coaches who allowed them to express themselves and try things without fear of failure. The same is true in business – you have to be prepared to take risks and face failure, otherwise you will not be successful. Reliable detention center midfielders and center-backs are essential to a team and are the equivalent of reliable real estate agency appraisers. These people are vital to the team, but they are not going to win you the “best agency in the region” award. Jack Grealish, Raheem Sterling and Christiano Ronaldo win the matches.

Now don’t be fooled into thinking that Phil Foden or Marcus Rashford are just demo ponies producing movies and rides for fun. Far from there. Sublime talent is built on the basis of hard work, hours of practice, mastery of the basics and a willingness to work for the team.

In the rapidly growing “self-employed” part of the estate agency industry, it is the risk takers who will be successful. Those people who are willing to take on a challenge and try things, even when the going is tough. There are people at Mr. and Mrs. Clarke who look very cool on social media and produce smart marketing and run their business in a different way, but behind that glamor and the big commissions is a lot. hard work and hours of transplant. Our top performing partners at Mr. and Mrs. Clarke are willing to fail at anything in order to learn, improve, and ultimately be successful. Like a good soccer coach, we accept risk and encourage our team to try new things, because only when there is a culture that supports risk will you really grow.

The best team will win

This is the most obvious of my three observations, but we all need to remember this in business. If you surround yourself with great people, you will learn and be successful. Take Italy as an example in this tournament – not many people can name every player and there is no mega star, but the collective is awesome. They are led by a superb manager, they have experience in key positions and they have a young flair in other areas of the pitch. Diversity is the key to the success of groups and the mixing of the elements to form a winning team is the reason they have been successful.

At Mr and Mrs Clarke, we are a great team, all united for success. The independent real estate agency model has a reputation for being lonely and disparate. In our business, we foster a community of spiders where we support each other. There are the backend staff of designers, social media experts, and support staff who work to make partners successful. But it is the partners themselves who share all their knowledge to help them run their own businesses. This is the part of the business that I am most proud of – we have welcomed a team of great individuals to the team and they are all successful.

To become a partner at Mr. and Mrs. Clarke, you have to be the best. Some of our team come from other sectors and some have years of real estate agency experience. But every partner is a winner, a team player, a super star in something. We will never have only the best in our team and that is why this company is a place that catches the interest of wonderful people.

As of this writing England are still in the tournament and I really hope that when it is released we will stay. I will watch the rest of the Euro with an eye on football and an eye on how it can help Mr and Mrs Clarke become the winning UK real estate agency. Of course, like a lot of things, optimism helps and we at Mr. and Mrs. Clarke have a bucket of it.