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Why are gas prices so high? Columbus, Ohio

Might as well work at White Castle

I see the Columbus City Schools are hiring substitute teachers. Starting salary for those with a BA and teaching license – $140 per day for an 8 hour day.

This equates to $17.50 per hour. Starting salary at the White Castle on Hamilton Road? Fifteen dollars an hour.


Rick Stone, Athens

The fox must not guard the chicken coop

The emails show that the city's current Public Service Commission Executive Director, Amy DeLong, coordinated and followed directives from Mayor Andrew J. Ginther's office in recommending the elimination of competitive testing in hiring. from the city.

Bill Bush is to be commended for his July 13 article, “Leaders disagree on head of the civil service,” alerting voters to Mayor Andrew Ginther’s outrageous plan to eliminate competitive testing in the hiring of municipal employees.

After:Ginther says the Columbus Civil Service Director works for him. The city charter doesn’t say that.

The mayor’s proposed charter change harkens back to the corrupt days of the 19th century golden age.

At the time, political hacks made up the vast majority of government employees at local and national levels. Government employees could be hired and fired at will by political bosses.

Good government progressives in the early 20th century aimed to change that.

One of their proposals inaugurated civil service systems for civil servants. One of these reforms mandatory competitive tests for hiring. This requirement was intended to assure taxpayers that a new public service employee had at least minimum qualifications.

After:Are competitive test scores, a cornerstone of Columbus civil service hiring, on the way out?

Progressive-era reforms also established public service commissions.

In Columbus, Ginther has already eroded that reform by falsely claiming that the executive director of the city’s Public Service Commission works for him.

No, Mayor Ginther, the city charter— approved at the height of the Progressive Era — requires the CEO to be an employee of the Commission.

In other words, the charter prohibits the fox from guarding the chicken coop.

Robert Ruth, Grove Town

John Darkow - Inflation Tamer

Inflation, gas prices not Biden’s fault

Is President Biden responsible for global inflation?

Global inflation over the past two years Pew Research Center Reports that 12 countries with advanced economies have higher inflation rates than the United States.

After:Is Biden responsible for rising gas prices? Drivers pay more in 93 countries.

Is President Biden responsible for the US gas prices.?

According to Newsweek, gasoline prices in the United States are cheaper than in 90 countries and more expensive than in 70 countries.

Is this whole problem really his fault?

Clare Anderson, Christopher Columbus

Letters to the Editor

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John Darkow - Inflation Tamer

Portman is for the birds

Migratory birds are in trouble.

Of climate change and the destruction of cat habitat, pesticides and glass, the birds face various threats and federal legislation is needed to protect them.

Fortunately, Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), alongside Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.), introduced the Neotropical Migratory Birds Conservation Act.

This bipartisan legislation would reauthorize the Neotropical Migratory Birds Conservation Act, the only federal grant program dedicated to the conservation of migratory birds across the Americas.

A trio of sandhill cranes are seen in flight in November 2021 at Jasper Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area in Indiana.  The birds migrate through Indiana in the spring and fall and although they can be hunted in some other states, it is illegal to hunt them in Indiana.

After:Audubon Society: Climate change threatens 300 bird species in North America

By increase funding for the Neotropical Migratory Birds Conservation Act and by lowering grant requirements, Senator Portman is working to ensure that more high-quality conservation projects are started that protect Ohio’s iconic species like mallards and mountain warblers.

After:Letter: Conservation proposal would protect neotropical birds

Portman is a true champion of birds and of Ohio, which benefits from the roughly $100 million that ornithologists contribute to the economy.

The American Bird Conservation Action Fund, dedicated to building political support for the American Bird Conservancy’s mission to conserve wild birds and their habitats across the Americas, salutes Portman’s leadership.

Annie Connolly, American Bird Conservation Action Fund