Interaction with learners

Women tech pioneers improved education at ISL Qatar

At the International School of London (ISL) Qatar, professional growth has transformed the lives of three tech teachers.

Tasneem Qasem, Arianna Correia and Catherine Morgan have been a catalyst for change in the fields of technology-enhanced education. Their innovations over the past year have created and developed engaging learning experiences for learners, educators and parents. Arianna’s foray into the world of Minecraft and her integration into the curriculum provided a platform on which students were able to take control of their own learning. Woven into the fabric of the curriculum, Minecraft has also been a rich source of inclusive education. In addition, it gave a voice to all learners, allowing them to express themselves in different ways.
Tasneem has spent considerable time creating and developing an infrastructure to meet the needs of the learning community. Integrating reporting alongside streamlining data delivery has been a wonderful and much needed transformation for ISL Qatar.
Catherine is the CEO of Immersive Minds – a creative digital education consultancy, creating innovative and transformative learning through digital technology. Despite her dual roles, Catherine has been instrumental in the development of our eSports program and will join ISL Qatar full time in August 2021. Her innovative ideas will see even greater developments in technology-enhanced education in 2021-2022 , as well as the Mena esports facility. League, which is the first of its kind in the region.
On Saturday June 26th, these educators joined the #bigmeetup hosted by Bosco Menezes where Tasneem, Arianna and Catherine spoke about their own journeys and the professional growth and commitment that shaped their year.
Professional engagement is about how an educator embraces their personal philosophy or ideology, embracing a deeper level of interaction between the educator and the object of inquiry. Three technology educators embodied this aspect of professional engagement. A committed professional is concerned with the goal, the goal of the project with which he interacts. Professional engagement isn’t just about being passionate about your concepts; successful professional engagement accentuates the dimensions of professional learning and successful professional engagement leads to the realization of your concepts. Rather than being an abstract concept, engagement makes a concept tangible; create an opportunity to share the experience with your learning community.
Initiated by three innovative and imaginative educators, the concepts come to life and transform the lives of ISL Qatar learners. Over the next year, we will step beyond the doors of ISL Qatar to engage with learners from around the world.